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About Sexual Medicine Society of North America
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SexHealthMatters.org is the sex health education website of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America, Inc. Its purpose is to provide the most up-to-date and trustworthy information on issues of sexual health to healthcare consumers and medical professionals.

SexHealthMatters.org is updated weekly with new physician-reviewed news, features, and blogs.

Visitors can find in-depth information on topics such as the following:

Erectile dysfunction (Impotence)

HSDD (Hypoactive sexual desire disorder [decreased sexual desire in women])

Premature ejaculation

Low Testosterone

Peyronie’s disease

Prostate cancer

Spinal cord injury

Penis Enlargement

BPH (Enlarged prostate)
Patient self-assessment tools and a sheet to help prepare for a discussion about ED with a healthcare provider are just some of the beneficial tools on SexHealthMatters.org.
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